What sets Brazilian Sun apart?

Simo Sims

Posted on November 13 2017

What sets Brazilian Sun apart? Get to know our PRE SUNLESS TAN MAXIMIZER

Rain Forest

This formula will hydrate and balance the body PH, resulting in a longer-lasting more
even sunless tan.

Brazilian San Girl

With a fresh and sunny fragrance, the RAIN FOREST Sunless Tan Maximizer is infused
with our signature ingredients, a fine anti-aging blend of Aloe Vera and Buriti oil extract,
an exotic wonder from the Amazon Rainforest. It is a powerful mix that combines natural
sources of vitamin A, E , C , fatty acids and beta-carotene. It helps to rejuvenate,
hydrate, and restore your skin’s elasticity and firmness.
The RAIN FOREST Sunless Tan Maximizer was specially formulated to deliver
professional, flawless results, giving you a gorgeous golden glow which will spread
evenly. You should use this product prior to every Spray Tan application. All you need to
do is apply a light coat and let it dry before applying the sunless tanner.
Aloe Vera: It has a nourishing, soothing and healing effect. It also slows down the aging
process of our skin.
Buriti Oil: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photo-protective properties. A perfect skin
tightening treatment.    
Only a trusted color expert could provide such a glow. Enjoy BRAZILIAN SUN RAIN
FOREST Sunless Tan Maximizer.


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