Summer is over – Who cares? Get a sunless tan.

Chelsea Rouppet

Posted on November 22 2017

Summer might be over but there's no reason to lose your tan soon. Self-tanning is safe and allows you to keep your glow all year round.

On average a Brazilian Sun sunless tan can last about 5 to 7 days. However, with proper care and using Brazilian Sun Rain Forest Sunless Tan Maximizer you can extend your golden tan results even longer.
The sunless tan is not washable. The DHA (Dihydroxy) in the solution is what actually creates your tan. The DHA is not permanent and just like a suntan, it will not wash off and it will fade evenly.
We highly encourage a weekly application of sunless tan. The results you can get from a sunless tan are very natural and very similar in color to a natural tan but it is completely UV-free and has extra skincare benefits.

Summer is over


With Brazilian Sun tan it is much more than a tan. It is a whole healthy skin treatment! Our anti aging & skin tightening formula will build and restore the skins matrix, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and combating the daily signs of skin damage.
Now that you know the benefits of a sunless tan, there are no excuses for looking pale during fall and winter. You can keep the GLAM and GLOW all year round.


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