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Brazilian Sun is the creation of entrepreneurial Brazilian Sisters, Eliana and Viviane who dreamed of recreating the sun-drenched tan they enjoyed as children without the health risks that accompany excessive exposure to the sun.  They had one goal in mind provide a natural-looking tan using a healthy and safe alternative to the damaging effects of US rays. 

For the last decade the sisters have achieved their goal they have owned a high end sunless tanning boutique in Silicon Valley. Their unique tanning solution has received rave review from clients and professionals in the skin-care field. Now it is time to share their unique products with everyone. 


The Secret Formula

Our innovative solution is infused with a Brazilian blend of Aloe and Buriti oil extract – an exotic wonder from the Amazon Rainforest. Buriti oil contains a high concentration of natural sources of vitamin A, E and C along with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to nourish, rejuvenate, hydrate, and restore you skin's elasticity.


For Centuries, the majestic Buriti Palm has been an important part in the lives of South Americans. Some Call it "the tree of life" for its powerful healthy benefits.


Brazilian Sun leads this cosmetic revolutions with the launch of its first collection based on an original formula that unleashes the powerful benefits of Buriti Oil. 


“We are committed to delivering premium products that utilize natural and organic ingredients. A healthy, safe and Golden Tan is now available to everyone”.  




Brazilian Sun Sunless Tanning Collection


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